Kreidler Clutch Issues: Round Two

More clutch issues!

I took the side cover off today, because the engine had a weird feel to it, bogged down and like there was something stuck inside of it; The first gear clutch pads literally fell off..

I've gone on several long trips lately, and put 100's of miles on my Kreidler bike. I think that the engine got excessively hot, because the JB-welded custom intake I have broke off as well after my last trip.

I have a spare, good clutch I'll try to put on if I can borrow a set of tools-- not sure yet if I can.

I don't have a lot of cash right now, and am sorta questioning if I should keep going with it. I also have a kitted, almost running Honda Hobbit, but again, I don't know exactly what's wrong with the ignition and I don't have the $ to do anything about it..

So, questions;

- Is this bike worth any more $ / time? I've put over $1000 into it with buying replacement parts, and it's STILL breaking down on me.

- Should I look into something bigger, more cc's maybe, or newer?

- What should I do?



Re: Kreidler Clutch Issues: Round Two

Just put in a used motor.

Then use the other one as parts.

I've been hoarding Kreidler engines and shit, you should do the same.

Re: Kreidler Clutch Issues: Round Two


buy these 2 Kreidler engines i have

Re: Kreidler Clutch Issues: Round Two

Doug Wilhelm /

I've actually gathered a number of spare parts-- just no complete, unseized engines. =\ Bits n pieces.

Leo, do you have any pics you can send me? And, what would pricing look like?


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