click from case no go ?

sachs 505-d 70 cc kit

last night new gas new tran fluid (f type)

it ran ruff but got up there died on a hill will not re start

as i drift start i hear a loud click from the case ?

rings? clutch ?

its the first go of the year dirty carb sure but that click?


Re: click from case no go ?


i love kitted sachs. i also hate them, because they're a nightmare. but an exciting nightmare


my guess is the clutch nut is no longer attached.

see if it'll spin over by spinning the flywheel to check if you siezed. then pull the clutch cover off, don't bother draining it from the bottom, it's awkward to refill and will come out the cover anyways when you open it, so just put a catch pan under the cover and pull the 5 screws off, pull the cover off, pull the clutch out and rebuff the pads while you're in there (why not, the nut's already off) and then clean and degrease and loctite and toque that nut back on there HARD.

Re: click from case no go ?

na man i opened the clutch cover nuts on and no chunks of fiber disks

it has spark, fuel, it ran last night so timed enuff to go also air i took the in take off to see if i could peak at the rings but no luck but i know theres no obstrutions

that click/knock it shakes the exhaust pipe like it must be a f'ed up ring so jug off tommrow unless some knows something i dont about this!

cheers folks and thanks !

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