Timing issues? Won't stay running...


82 Maxi: Gila 74cc, Dellorto phbl 24mm, Homoet 6p pipe, treats za cdi.

Okay, so I just flipped the ignition coil on the stator and the spark is great. I've got the pickup between 4-5 o'clock. With the pipe off, I was trying to get her to run (and it started to go for 5 seconds), but I noticed that I could see the light of the spark on flashing beneath me (out of the exhaust manifold reflecting off the ground - night obviously).

Just out of common sense I feel like I shouldn't be able to see the spark.. I'm assuming that is because if I am seeing a spark from out of the exhaust, it must be way retarded.. Can someone concur? Also, is this why the damn bike won't keep running?

How close does the timing need to be to keep it running?

Re: Timing issues? Won't stay running...

fuck, that's a gnarly setup.

so... i don't understand how you're seeing spark. probably it's igniting and flames maybe comin out your open exhaust port and that's what you're seein

but yea - check timing with a timing light. search the wiki or web in general for how to

should be within 12-24 degrees BTDC. Ideally about 18 on that setup, but that's my preference, others may argue differently.

alternately to just get close you should see some drilled spots on the outside of the flywheel in one spot. those are usually where the trigger is that gets picked up by the white pickup coil. so around when those drill spots pass over the little white coil is when it's sparking. it should be just before top dead center (make sure you're turnin the flywheel the right way so you're looking at it matching up BEFORE TDC) Anyhow that should at least tell you if you're close.

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