DIY shaft shims

Brad William /

Rebuilding the ZA50. Was tipped off here to shim the second clutch for play.

No correct sizes avail. Ordered this (great deal) from Amazon....

From past experience I know those snap off box cutter blades are actually a pretty good grade of hard steel. Fabbed up a quick tool to jamb in the drill press. At first I tried to make the bar pivot with a bearing follower on the other side but it didn't work well. That's why there's a pin in the middle of it (photos below). I welded the bar solid to the arbor and dropped the bearing follower. Clamped the sheet of shim stock to a flat of wood on the drill press table.

Took a few practice runs on a scrap piece of wood to adjust the blade to exactly 23mm. The blade holder had two tiny allen set screws in it. One clamps the holder to the beam and the other clamps the blade.

Cut two shims 23mm x 32mm x .008 and .015 in. Used slowest speed possible, little bit of motor oil for cutting. Easy as pie. Blade even held up quite well through all four cuts. Replacing the blade only costs 4 cts. Pics of the shims placed on the clutch spacer.

Not for everyone obviously. But if you need shims more than occasionally and are a little mechanically inclined a box cutter blade in a jig like this works just fine indeed.

End play shims are much thinner so I will spin out a few of those when the time comes. (edited)

Re: DIY shaft shims

It looks like it does the job nicely!

Re: DIY shaft shims

That is really neat and useful! Good jorb!

Re: DIY shaft shims

nice job! You should cut shim sets and sell them on the BS forum

Re: DIY shaft shims

i'd buy several if you did this...


> nice job! You should cut shim sets and sell them

> on the BS forum

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