what cdi box for an mb5

used the wrong plug and now my cdi is ded. what replace with? will pietcard 2007 work?

Re: what cdi box for an mb5

Jerry Graham /

Did you ever get a replacement for the CDI ? Curious also about the pietcard replacement. Ive tried one off a YZ-80, nothing one off an Express allowed the bike to start and idle but nothing else.

Re: what cdi box for an mb5

Glen Kuykendall /

Service Honda shows the MB5 CDI as still available from Honda. Expensive at about $117 but that's what I go for unless I could turn up a working used one. That said this is a slightly older post and who knows if the owner found something already... (edited)

Re: what cdi box for an mb5

treats has them.

Re: what cdi box for an mb5

they use a standard 5 pin CDI box, so any 5 pin should work. including the pietcard, the stock one on treats or even the bluebox ones like the universal box on 1977mopeds


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