Wiring help with 99 Tomos Targa LX

ryn ryn /

Hello! I've been working on my new to me Tomos Targa LX. None of the lights work at the moment. I took the headlight off to see what was up and turns out it wasn't even hooked up. I ordered a new voltage regulator and relay but while I'm waiting for them to come I want to get the headlight wired up and ready to go!

There seems to be a problem though, the wires don't match. I've been looking at the wiring diagram found here and it shows a double blue, a double brown and single white. This is was my moped has, but the headlight has a single blue, single white and single green.

here's a pic of the back of the headlight:

Here's a pic of the wires that they are supposed to hook up to:

Should I strip the wires down or something? The connectors don't even match up...

I'm really confused.

What wires go with which ones? I know I'm supposed to have brights as well (I'm guessing that's the double white or gray in the 2nd picture) but there aren't enough wires coming out of the headlight to make it work.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


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