Nc50 front fork restoration

When hitting a large street crack, if you experience a shark jolt on your wrists, your front suspension might be shot.

As with my Nc50, your front compression springs are probably collapsed. (normal for 30 year old bikes)...see picture.

Compression springs sell for $22 at your Honda dealer, but (of course) they're discontinued. has a nice range of compression springs, specs tables and other info....I don't work for this Co. lol

Tried the C-826 model. (2 compression springs; with flatten ends, 1 inch diameter by 3-3/4 in length, wire diameter .122, 1-1/2 inch deflection play and 66 lbs logarithmic Max load) soft.

Then tried the Ajax #59 model. (Identical except for .135" dia. wire and 100 lbs max load)...perfect.

Both $19 shipped.

It's a 30 minute job (if your fork isn't seized) and produces a "new nice" ride.



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