Gas tank repair/replacement

Larry Parrish /

I have a pair of 1981 Honda Express. Neither have been run since 1996. Recently, I took one into a repair shop. Everything looks fixable, except I have a good bit of rust in the gas tank. Does anyone know where I could get a replacement tank? Or is there a method that I could clean my tank?

Re: Gas tank repair/replacement

Read the wiki man, wiki!

Once you clean it up I recommend using POR-15 to coat the inside if you want to spend an extra $20.

Re: Gas tank repair/replacement

I have the same problem but with a 78 Peugeot 102. The tank is part of the frame so no replacing it. Until I have the chance to clean it (2weeks) could i still run it with the rusty tank? Will the petcock filter it for the time be? Or should I add an inline fuel filter in addition?


Re: Gas tank repair/replacement

get an inline fuel filter for a few buck until your able to clean it.

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