Starting my Garelli

I have a 78 Garelli 2 speed Deluxe which I just got running. In the process of doing so I snapped the starter cable. I replaced the cable with a part from moped graveyard and now I cant get it to start?

It looks like the starter is engaging but the engine isnt turning over? Before I start to tear into it I wanted to see if anyone had encountered this before. My fear is that when I replaced the cable I over-engauged the starter and broke something in the transmission.

While I'm at it the moped when running was having a hard time staying in gear and starting going. I'm thinking it's a clutch problem which is fairly common in this model.



Re: Starting my Garelli

I have the same ped and also a 1986 two speed VIP. So far I have had no clutch issues, but I did see where following wiki sections have some good Garelli clutch information.

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