Odyssey Clutch Puller

Broken belt replacement requires pulling clutch which requires a "clutch puller".. Where might I find one? See attached PDF for descriptive picture. It is a Solo 40/2. Thanks

Re: Odyssey Clutch Puller

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

I don't think you need the puller. Refer to page 16 of that manual, Dismantling the clutch.

Re: Odyssey Clutch Puller

Steve Cross /

Thanks - but that is the option 'A' type clutch w/ a starter lever. Mine is option 'B' type, without. The manual covers a number of models. I appreciate your responding however.

Re: Odyssey Clutch Puller

I need to know the outside metric thread size for clutch puller for odyssey 40/2-2.


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