Dead Motobecane

Hoping for some final words of advice before I venture into unfamiliar territory with my Moby.

I installed a 74cc ParmaKit on the thing a few days ago, everything went swimmingly. However, I can't get the thing to start now.

I have spark, I have gas, I upjetted from a 64 to a 70. I had the Parma head (no decomp) on it, but ended up replacing the stock head with decomp in hopes that it would help it start up. No luck.

I'm getting ready to take the variator apart to check the starter clutch, and pull the flywheel to check the points and timing- two things I have next to no experience with.

If any of you guys have any advice on other things to check before I get in over my head, I would appreciate the shit out of you.


Re: Dead Motobecane

Give it a leak down to find the vacuum leak.

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