Moby won't start after kit install, help?!?

I just put a paramkit on my moby, everything mechanical seems right as rain, but the thing won't start. I'm a certified moron when it comes to wiring and I think/hope I reconnected the wires incorrectly. Any help is massively appreciated. Here's some photos of what I've got going on with the electrical:

--the three red wired attached in the middle are- the headlight, the tail light, and the middle connection on the flywheel.

--the tan wire is grounded to the frame and also connecting to the far left flywheel port, and also seems to bee grounded at the coil.

--the other red wire is running from the coil to the far right flywheel port.

again, i have less knowledge on wiring than a sleeping cat. i can post more photos/explain more detail if needed.



Re: Moby won't start after kit install, help?!?

You might want to go to the hardware store or car parts store and get a length of trailer wire so you have more then one colour of wire. Also do not have more then one splice in a wire as each splice is a potential failure.

For spark you need the gray wire from the points to the external coil and a bonding strap from one of the intake studs to one of the coil studs.

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