Puch stator with no blue and black wire?

Is there such thing? I cannot see where the wire was ever connected. Regardless I have no spark and feel this could be the issue. Ideas?

Re: Puch stator with no blue and black wire?

What wire color is on the #1 terminal of the coil and #15 terminal of the coil?

Re: Puch stator with no blue and black wire?

Yea you need the blue black to be grounded as it's the ground for the ignition coil on the stator plate.

Take the flywheel off and locate the coil on the stator with an blue wire going into it. On the other side of the coil there should either be a wire coming off or an place where a wire should be. That side of the coil needs to be grounded in order to get spark.

Re: Puch stator with no blue and black wire?

your pre-ignition coil in the stator (topside of plate, bottom coil) has two wires coming off of it, the blue black goes to your horn, if no horn, ground it out. the blue wire goes to your condenser, from the condenser a black wire goes to your points, then the blue wire coming off the points is the hot wire for your coil. your kill should be wired to break the blue wire.

if you feel like spending 20 bucks you can get an internal coil and get rid of alot of that wiring nonsense. i run my puchs with internal coils, and use the brake coil for the taillight (since it's MUCH brighter) and wire the lights always on.simpler is always the best way to go.

Re: Puch stator with no blue and black wire?

Dealing with the same thing on my red za..my green za has the blue/black and was perfectly fine from day 1...did the whole wiring for my friends e50 about a week or 2 ago and his had it as well and ran fine after everything was connected. Now I'm finally getting around to giving some attention to my red za. Has no blue/black wire, removed the stator and inspected this thing up and down inside and out and cannot for the life of me see anywhere that it could have ever been connected previously. Not solder marks, no glues nothing just a nice clean coil of copper wire where it should be but no evidence of anything ever having been on that spot(even got a whole used electrical system in a parts lot and same deal....I'm guessing the blue/black wire breaks often? I'm pretty handy with a soldering iron, any chances I could solder a wire on there somewhere temporarily just to get her to fire up? Finally got a bunch of new parts in the mail today and completely forgot to buy a new stator until just now when I sat down in front of the bike

Re: Puch stator with no blue and black wire?

Did you ever resolve this? looking at this http://vintagemopeds.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/1976-puch-maxi-5-wire-bosch-magneto.pdf. What did you end up doing?

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