1981 Nc50 Carb replacement

My original carb is shot, rusty, was cleaned 4 times this summer, stalls the bike all the time and leaks just like Dennis Sweet's previous tread.

I'm feed up and I want to replace it.

Wanting to keep the bike as stock looking as possible, I was thinking of initially installing a Garelli VIP polini 19mm shorty PHBG intake from treatland and a Mukuni carb. (not very keen with the PHGB carbs)

If I install a WEAK-ENDS honda express NC50 NA50 mikuni VM intake, it will deport the future carb way to much to the left of the engine and the original air filter housing will conflict with the starting crank.

I'd like to install Mikuni 18mm clamp on carb on the Garelli intake, but I suspect that 18mm carb will not fit on an 19mm intake....of course.

Am I right? The measurements published are always scarce.

I wrote to Mikuni Corp Japan and they wont give any measurements on their 16, 18 or 20mm models.....cant do the math.

Also read on an old tread of this forum that the original main intake had to be raised when installing a Mikuni carb ??

I'm not looking unto creating a killer machine. I just want reliability.

Any insight?

Re: 1981 Nc50 Carb replacement

i have a clamp on mikuni and the clamp on end is 23mm. i couldn`t find a bushing so i never used the carb. the carb is only a 13 or 14mm.

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