Honda Express NC50: H7 Headlight Mod

So I blew my headlight out like normal without a battery! errr

I really had no desire to buy an overpriced OEM or overpriced replaceable unit. It's just a light and I have perfect glass and housing so all I need is light!

I pried the glass out, twisted the old bulb off and headed up the old socket and knocked it out. Now I had a blank slate!

Below is what I installed, since I had a 98 V70 headlight laying around I cut the back low beam bucket out and JB welded it onto the NC50 headlight. Now it fits any H7 headlight without issue! GREAT for an LED light when you have 12V running to it.

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Re: Honda Express NC50: H7 Headlight Mod

Re: Honda Express NC50: H7 Headlight Mod

Very good idea...

You forgot to tell though how many Watts pull's your H7 bulb.

Don't forget that Nc50 dynamo only produces 68Watts.

I'm planning doing the same thing with a H4 35W 6Volt bulb with a brand new floodlight reflector.

Tell us how it reacts on the road.


Re: Honda Express NC50: H7 Headlight Mod

It's a 55W bulb and works fine although some bulbs have a dark cap on the top of them so it makes a dark spot in the middle. You should be able to get clear ones. I ditched the incandescent and went with a cheap-o ebay LED H7 which draws hardly anything and put out really nice light!

But I have my system running on 12V so that would might need to be done before using the LED. I can check to see how it acts with the 6V battery since the headlight lead is off it's own coil from the magneto.

Re: Honda Express NC50: H7 Headlight Mod

2 things:

You say it works fine...?

What type of light pattern does it produce.

My former 15/15w bulb use to produce a dim 15 feet light circle at 20 feet.

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but H7 bulb are Xenon type bulbs.

By your pictures published, your bulb looks more like a standard H4.

Do you have a Hi/lo on your "h7" bulb?

Re: Honda Express NC50: H7 Headlight Mod

The light pattern is ok, like i said there is a dark spot from the cap on the light. I have an LED installed right now and have only tried is in the basement but it looks to give much more even light.

The H7 is just a plain single element buld, the H4 is duel element i beleive. I like the single element since i use my low beam position as off and my high beam as on, so im not running the headlight all the time.

Re: Honda Express NC50: H7 Headlight Mod

Right; a H4 bulb is a dual element; mine is a 35/35W.

Also, be careful; you might be pulled over with a single beam light.

Then again, let's not be paranoid. A single 55w bulb is still better than a cheap dual 15 or 25w bulb.

Finally, out of curiosity, can you supply the temporary LED bulb part number or specs.


Re: Honda Express NC50: H7 Headlight Mod

Umm its just a cheap H7 from ebay, nothing special. Went with the tallest cheap-o, since the socket is pretty deep.

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