Honda camino wiring quiz

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trying to sort out this camino wiring. so far..

From handlebar switch:

Blue brown and white

goes to double filament front light

Horn grey

cut off switch doesn't work

ONly four wires from switch one is horn earth.

Above left crank:

Two blue wires on earth screw.

From this loom near left crank:

Blue not connected

Red connected

Green connected

behind this loom still left side near crank:

Red wire not connected

Black white stripe connected goes to black rectangular box on right side of bike in between chain what is it?

ONE terminal not used from black white wire from engine


Pink not connected from engine ??


GReen run up to fork

Blue runs down from it

Blue run up back in loom to frame out of this red and brown goes to speedo?

Green and white stripe wrapped to pink and black stripe this is spaded turns into pink goes back to frame.

brown and white stripe exposed wire next to it this runs into spade behind horn and turns into brigtdp green goes back into frame

Yellow green stripe




all from loom From frame near fork

Red and brown to speedo

Green to two terminals one to horn and green back to frame

another loom popping out at fork...

Brown been cut

Blue been cut

Light grey been cut ??? what are these?


Bright green to brown white stripe

Pink to pink white stripe at wired up on handlebar been twisted together

White .. to brown white stripe

green comes from frame

Goes under handlebar some weird small heatsink with fins what's this!!!!!!

Out of this comes blue and white stripe

Back to frame top terminates to spade male

please help!!!

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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