Tomos surge/lurch at WOT

My Tomos starts first kick and rides and idles well.

I can ride it all day.

I have a problem at WOT where the bike jumps / lurches / surges for a few seconds then stops. Sometimes it will do it until I let off of the throttle, sometimes I go WOT for 10 minutes and nothing happens. It never cause it to shut off, it just acts like it needs fuel.

It doesn't feel to me the same way lean and rich bogs have felt on past bikes that I have built.

The way the bike jumps is the same way a bike kind of starts jumping when you are running out of gas and need to put the petcock on reserve.

I can see gas in my line (its a clear fuel line).

It has a fuel filter, I see fuel in it

I'm not sure if the gas cap is venting properly or not.

Jetting: I've went from 78 to almost 88 jet size and have the problem at all ranges



tecno circuit

Re: Tomos surge/lurch at WOT

most likely fuel flow, either there's a clog in the petcock, filter or line, or your cap's not venting. you can drill a hole thru the cap, make it tiny. check for heavy flow outta the fuel line. also with the carb off the bike and in hand, remove the float bowl and see that gas flows steadily at a fast trickle when the float hangs open

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