A problem with NC50 fork disassembly

I disassembled one side of the fork. I unscrewed the nut that holds the spring in the shock. I removed the shaft and the spring. Now, on to the other side. I unscrewed the nut. When I try to pull the shaft out it moves about 1/16th inch and then stops like theres something locking it in.

Any idea whats going on?

Re: A problem with NC50 fork disassembly

I stated the above problem incorrectly.

When I pull on the rod, it is easy to tell that I am also pulling on the spring and it is not coming out of the tube. I do not understand this because the spring and rod only set loosely in the tube and are secured by the nut.

Come on someone. Help me get this thing apart.

Re: A problem with NC50 fork disassembly

Since I am not getting any responses to the thread I will try to explain it better. I am including photos and drawings to make your reading experience more exciting. Please take the time to think about this problem and who knows, you may be the one who comes up with the answer.

I included a photo to show my shocks and the parts that go inside. The manual shows a rubber stopper that appears to go inside of the spring. (see exploded view of shock) My shock (the one I got apart) does not have the rubber stopper.

Shock #1 seems fine as long at it has pressure pushing the shock rod into the tube. But in the upright postition the shock rod free falls as explained on the drawing.

Shock #2 will not come apart. There is something inside the tube such as a ring that encircles the rod about 5/8 inch from end of tube. Also, when pulling on the rod you can feel that it is attached to the spring and the the spring is attached to the tube. This makes no sense.

Does anyone understand what I am saying? Does anyone understand what the problem could be?

Seriously, I need to get these working properly. Who would think anything as simple as a moped shock would be so complicated? (edited)

shocks 1.jpg
fork schematic.jpg
shocks drawing 3.jpg

Re: A problem with NC50 fork disassembly

Read further down.

My June 15th post gives you the answer.

It's easier than you think.

Re: A problem with NC50 fork disassembly

Thanks for this information. For those interested, the thread with the solution is at ... http://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/read.php?6,2725631,2725631#msg-2725631

I am enclosing some photos to show what is in the shocks and how to get them apart.

Good thing you replied when you did. I was getting ready to bolt the fork to a tree and attach the shock to my truck and see what makes that thing tick. (edited)

shocks 1.jpg

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