Two weird issues after kitting...

Got the kit tuned and leaks sealed. But I'm having two strange issues:

(1) When idling, if I give it too much throttle, it will die. Usually this happens more frequently after I kick it up (Is that because the engine isn't full warm?)

(2) When I pull the clutch lever all the way, the rear wheel will lock. What I have to do is pull it 1/2 way then begin to throttle, and usually it will start before I pull it all the way up.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Re: Two weird issues after kitting...

1 this will happen if it's not warm and the choke's off. that's what choke is for, needs more gas til it warms up or it'll bog down and die. if it does it warm also, then your low speed jetting is too lean.

2 the clutch lever engages the rear wheel to the engine. with the new kit you have more compression that it has to overcome to turn the engine over so that's why the wheel locks up. keep weight on it when push starting and it'll work out.

Re: Two weird issues after kitting...

Michael G /
idiq OP

Awesome thanks!

Re: Two weird issues after kitting...

both those points were great advice.

I have a push start maxi with high compression.

I only push start with the wheel locked from the get go...the second it rolls, it will start.

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