78 puch newport.....

David Coddaire /

is the transmission on a 78 puch newport single or 2 speed? also, what tranny fluid is used...thanks, vizi

Re: 78 puch newport.....

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

There's a manual in the Wiki^^^^^^^^^^

Re: 78 puch newport.....

Depends on whether the Newport in question has an E50 or ZA50 engine.

Or check the E50 and ZA50 articles in the wiki. Also, on the Puch Maxi page ("Puch Newport" redirects to the Maxi page), there's a section at the bottom with manuals. The one from 1977 mopeds (pdf/printable) is really good. Download that and read through it.

Or, go here:


If yours looks like that, follow the directions. If yours doesn't look like that, there's another manual linked w/ page number, and if you go there, you'll also find instructions for the ZA50.

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