Nc50 front fork disassembly

Has anyone ever taken apart the front fork suspension system of a Honda Nc50-1981.

I think mine is causing me problems.

The right ‘’shock’’ came out easily.

But no ‘’rubber filler’’ came out.

Is there a rubber filler on the right side?

The whole left shock is sort of stuck inside.

I suspect the rubber filler to have slipped inside the metal spring.

Do I have to pull hard?

Do I have to unscrew it?

I don’t want to break anything.

Any insight…


NC50-1978-83 Workshop manual 61.jpg

Re: Nc50 front fork disassembly

Don't remember if the 81's use a screw in type fork tube or the snap ring retainer, but either way once unscrewed or the snap ring taken out the fork tube should come out of the slider just by pulling on it. Although yours may be seized in there so it's gonna take some effort to get it out.

Use a pair of vise grips attached to the fork tube, with something inbetween them and the tube to keep from scratching the hell out of it and smack the visegrips downward with a rubber mallet.

Re: Nc50 front fork disassembly

Actually, you’re right.

I was able to take it apart last night.

Indeed, both suspension bars aren’t alike.

The left one doesn’t have any screw but a 2 inch pressure fit plastic sleeve which holds the whole thing inside.

Btw, the workshop manual barely shows it on page 61. (not at all obvious)

To remove the suspension bar, one must apply a generous amount of loose-nut or 10W40 type product to un-seize the plastic sleeve from eventual rust present in inner the fork tube.

I then gently tapped the suspension bar outward by hitting it on the ‘’lower hook’’ with a hammer.

There is an unearthly feeling doing type because of a second small spring which bounces back and forth.

Finally, I noticed that the rubber filler simply fits inside the large spring and doesn’t seem to do anything ?…Oh well…!!

Thanks anyway for the comment.

Nc50 1981 complete restoration project

Re: Nc50 front fork disassembly

Now there is a different problem. How do I get the shock with the plastic sleeve back into the tube? It goes in just as hard as it came out except that going in there is nothing to hit with the hammer. If you hit the bottom of the suspension bar you are also hitting it against the spring and therefore you get nowhere.


Re: Nc50 front fork disassembly

You have to create yourself some type of tool to bang it in.

In my case, I used two flat-head screwdrivers that were used like a fork.

I've heard of people fabricating a "C" shape tube to hit on the plastic sleeve, so not to damage it....complicated.

It all depends on the amount of rust and friction in the inner left tube.

Don't forget to insert it to it's former depth.

Also, don't forget to add a generous amount of grease. (read the workshop for the right qte).

It serves as a primitive shock absorber.

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