Honda Nc50 Seat

Just wondering…

As anyone ever found a way to raise the seat of a Nc50.

Being somewhat tall, I dislike the obligatory crouch position.

I suppose that a 1 or 2 inches raise would suffice.

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matt boda1nz /

phone book?

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Come on guys...!

Let's be serious here...


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After having thought about it for 3 days, I think I have the answer.

It involves the fabrication of a wooden hollow filler.

The filler will be bolted to the frame and the seat will still be able to open by means of a rear hinge and an elongated bolt in front. (it should work)

I’ll post a picture once it’s done

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Please do post a picture when it's done. I'd love to see it and build my own!

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you could sit on your lovers lap ;)

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Way back in early June, I promised I'd present my finished Nc50 seat raising project.

I had to finish my overall restoration before doing this seat thing.

So there it is.

2 pictures and a Pdf text since it's hard to explain the procedure in this Forum's format.

I'm not pretentious enough to say that it's the only way to raise a Nc50 seat, but it works.

Have fun.

Nc50 before.JPG
Nc50 After.JPG

Re: Honda Nc50 Seat

Very nice!

Re: Honda Nc50 Seat

Reicker...That is one nice looking Express. Very nice. Please start a thread and descibe what you did to it and hopefully other will post their restored Expresses. I'd like to see more of them.

Re: Honda Nc50 Seat

Not yet...isn't finished at this point.

But, yes, I promise to do it in the near future.

Still waiting for my Polini kit, decals and other minor stuff.

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