Yamaha QT50 Turn Signal Problems

I have a Yamaha QT50 made in 1985 and I have a complete failure in the turn signal department. All of them look cosmetically fine but none of them work at all. When I flip the signal switch the display doesn't show that they have been engaged either. The headlight and taillight work fine but get brighter as the RPMs are higher like I would expect. Is there something that is broken that could affect all four lights like this?

Re: Yamaha QT50 Turn Signal Problems

Steven Lowman /

ive fixed many of these bikes....1st charge the battery up with a charger...check water level in battery.......but in the front the turn signal relay sounds like it is bad.....you also could have the wiring wrong in the front......pull off the front platic cover and make sure all the wires are connected...they are color coded and should match up..they may have just come loose....also remove the covers on the blinkers themselves....you may have a couple of bad bulbs.....sorry cant be much more help without seeing the bike .....steve

Re: Yamaha QT50 Turn Signal Problems

I took apart most of the front of the bike and all of the wires and connections look very solid as well as the health of the light bulbs. I'm pretty sure that it is going to either be the relay or switch that is killing it for me. Where is the relay for the blinkers on it? - I can easily take close up pictures of anything if it would help (edited)

Re: Yamaha QT50 Turn Signal Problems

I looked into it a little more... all of the lights and bulbs are completely intact and look almost new. I also took apart the front structure that holds the wire connections and all of them look great. So after seeing that I think it has to be either a switch or relay problem. I know the switch still clicks when going left/right so I don't think it's that. Where is the flasher relay on the bike and what kind do I need to replace it. Replacing the relay a pretty cheap solution if that's the problem, but let me know if anyone has any other insights on the situation based on my descriptions. Feel free to ask for more or for me to make pictures/video to help with figuring it all out. Thanks everyone

Re: Yamaha QT50 Turn Signal Problems

i have the same exact problem on my 1979 qt50

as your blinker situation. What did you do to fix it? im stuck as what to do next? if you can help, i would appreciate it.



Re: Yamaha QT50 Turn Signal Problems

9 year old thread . Good luck . ;)

Any auto parts store should have a 6V 2-Pin Flasher Relay .

Re: Yamaha QT50 Turn Signal Problems

yep, found one at AutoZone. Thanks

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