Maxi Head Leak

Brenan Chambers /

Serious head leak, you can actually see smoke puffing out of it. I had a friend mill down the head a while back, worked just fine until recently. Something must be warped, its done. I tried it with 2 different heads, a milled one and one new, same problem.

So, should I even bother trying to make a repair or should i just replace the whole cylinder, get a whole new kit. Also, if kitting is the best option, which should I choose?


Re: Maxi Head Leak

Kits depend on your level of tuning.

Re: Maxi Head Leak

John Joedicke /

Anneal the metal gasket and then re torque.

Re: Maxi Head Leak

Oh yeah, what John said.

Also make sure that you torque evenly when you install the head. It should be a gradual process so that you don't over torque anywhere.

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