FRont Fork Oil

I've rebuilt a 1977 Foxi GT Deluxe. Now I need to replace the oil in the front forks (shocks). Does anyone know what kind of oil I should use and how much should be put in? I'm new at this, so any suggestions would help. Thanks.

Re: FRont Fork Oil

You can buy fork oil if you like (they sell them in different weights).

You can also use atf. Some people around here might also vouch (hell Ive had it in my motorcyles as well). Lots of people do that (google says so).

As for how much, it depends on how you ride, and how stiff of a ride you like.

It's better to go in small increments. So measure an equal amount, put the same amount in both forks. Go for a trip and see how you like it. If it is still too soft, do it again. Rinse and Repeat until you are happy with your stiffness.

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