Retap engine studs to m8?

Steven Mills /

I have an e50 case with a couple of stripped engine stud threads. I was thinking about retapping them to m7, but I can't find bolts or studs long enough. I was able to find some in m8, though. I did the measurements, it looks like theres enough case material to drill the holes out a tiny bit and retap them in m8x1.25mm, but those bolts would be huge, 2mm wider than stock. It seems like it would work, but am I missing something?

It seems like m8 bolts would even fit through the cylinder and head without modifications, but it would be a tigher fit than stock, of course. Are these holes usually bigger than the studs for a reason? Should I put the cylinder and head on a drill press and widen the holes a little?

Re: Retap engine studs to m8?

use a helicoil for the m6x1 and be done with it

Re: Retap engine studs to m8?

You can helicoil.

I have an e50 case that I put m8s on.

It worked fine.

Only problem is I had to take my head and kit and put it under the drill press to make sure they could fit m8 as well.

I did this when I was taking this engine apart a lot (fabbing custom stuff).

I found it easier to not over torque the headstuds as well.

Be wary though, the case is aluminum and it can be finicky with drilling tapping etc.

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