clutch slip? video

I just rebuilt my transmission, with a new 3 shoe clutch. I think it may be slipping, I also think some thing might be wrong compression wise, I did the spray test. I jet it correctly but I have to screw the carb needle all the way in for it to idle. so Im wondering if anyone can tell what might be wrong in the video.

165 jet on a mikuni 24

gila 74cc

Re: clutch slip? video

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

The clutch should fully engage, right before the pipe hits. It should slip until then.

Re: clutch slip? video

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Watched your vid again, and I think that you didn't get the flywheel mounted on the woodruff key correctly. There is a wobble to the flywheel, and the timing could be off. Did you torque that nut to spec?

Re: clutch slip? video

There is wobble, i wasn't sure if there was one, now i know. So I have a new flywheel from treats, but when i time it right it still wont fire up. so i reverted to the older one. ok so that is essentially the problem. (hopefully)

I think its lost power, when I try to bring it up to a high rpm it wont get that high. Is there something i should do to the new one to make it work? ..sanding the plates?

Re: clutch slip? video

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

You're not getting the woodruff key into the slot in the flywheel. Insert key into slot, with the near (toward you) end of the key slightly above the crank. The flywheel is fine, just not mounted right. When you get it right, there will not be a wobble

Re: clutch slip? video

well the thing is, the key is in there slid in if thats what your talking about, unless i have to angle it in the slot to make it work better. The new one doesn't wobble. it wont work either (from the times ive tried timing it).

do you think it needs to be broken in? sanding. i could be totally off.

Re: clutch slip? video

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

angle it a little

Re: clutch slip? video

I sat and stared at your video for a while, I realized I had this problem once......


make sure you get the flywheel on correctly. You don't want that to cause a problem later on...

Also make sure your woodruff key isn't all sheared up because this could cause your flywheel to not seat correctly. Replace that if need be.

get that flywheel fixed so it is out of the equation.

As for your clutch problem........

It is not your clutch pads slipping on the bell housing, but your clutch is more than likely slipping on the crank's axle.

Simple fix: torque it on more

so, now you gotta DO THIS:

pull your spark plug and put in a piston stop.

If you don't have one then you can use some rope.

If you use rope make sure your piston is past your ports so you don't get the rope stuck.

You gotta do this so you will be able to apply to correctly apply torque.

Fuck draining your oil.

Go to a place where you can lay your bike at a 45 degree angle.

Now you can take the clutch cover off (and the oil won't come out).

I used to do this when I was fine dialing my clutch (saves so much time).

Now get your socket, and tighten that clutch nut up.

When I had this problem, I was using a Top Racing Crank, and I really had to torque it on there. . . you might be in the same park / might not.

put it back together.

start it up, and then go ripping.

If it is still slipping, you might not have torqued it enough.

Timing and carb issues.....

If you have points, do it by the book.

If you have cdi, do it by the wiki.

Fix your air leaks please....

Carb tuning somewhat can depend on what carb you have....

Re: clutch slip? video

Matt Mahloch -- MBM Customs /

The clutch might be fine, it sounds fine, it should slip.

Re: clutch slip? video

You're missing one of the bolts holding your intake on.

That sounds an awful lot like an air leak to me.

Re: clutch slip? video

Bruce Woodburn /

You could get yourself a strap wrench to use on the flywheel side while you torque the clutch side too. Easier than stuffing rope in the spark plug hole.

Re: clutch slip? video

Had to take a double look, it does look like you are missing that bolt on your intake.

That should help solve your air leak problem.

This is the issue I'm still having

Please Look at :24 seconds in the video.

He isn't even on the bike, revving it pretty hard and the bike can't even move forward on its own. Even with clutch slip, the bike should try to move somewhere. . . not sit still like it is in the video.

Are you forcefully making sure the bike doesn't move when you are revving it that hard?

If not, I'm still thinking clutch slip on the crank

I'm gonna say check your clutch like in my last post.

I'm interested to see how this turns out. (edited)

Re: clutch slip? video

Your Clutch is working fine your engine on the other hand aint running worth a shit ! What did you think it was gonna do spin the tire ? thats just a stupid way of testing your bike .you havent dialed your air fuel mixture in right . here is a novel Idea how about you get on the bike and see how it runs DUHH !

Re: clutch slip? video

littleseuzure: Is your exhaust getting VERY VERY VERY hot? Like, is your baffle at the end hot enough to melt plastic after a minute or so of running?

Re: clutch slip? video

It seems like the engine isnt making much power to start with. That could be part of the issue. Make sure there are no air leaks and get that carb tuned in.

Re: clutch slip? video

ok so, i believe the problem might be that the flywheel got messed up. Awhile ago, the flywheel nut came loose, and the flywheel started wobbling out. Ive looked at the flywheel since and it has some damage on and around the wood drift key canal. So, i bought a new flywheel from treats

except when i time it it wont start, even when i place it exactly where the other flywheel was position it still wont fire up. (no spark). Im wondering if any of you guys have had this problem. does it need to be warn in somehow? it seems still compared to the last one. so i feel like the spark isnt consistantly at its peak because it wobbles slightly at low rpm causing it not to pop and stay at idle with ease. has anyone that has this new flywheel from treats had any problems? btw for the missing bolt, i put alot of liquid gasket aswell as the real gaskets, and it seems to be the same as when i had it missing. I found the other bolt.

Re: clutch slip? video

I have the new magneto from treats and could not time it or set the point gap so I ended up putting the old magneto on it and now it works awesome. So the new magnetos do not work well.

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