Sebring electrical

So...tell me if this would be proper.

I'm thinking of wiring in an external condenser on my motobecane sebring, MO2 engine. On my av7 motobecane, the external condenser is run off the line that would normally run to the kill switch. The wiring appears to be similar on the sebring, so (you geniuses chime in here) would I cut the red wire that goes to the run/off switch on my handlebar, splice in the external condenser and give it a solid ground, and then be ok? All the damn wiring is wrapped up in shrink tubing and can't tell what goes where.

Does this seem right? I'm guessing I'll lose my horn if I do this, but I never use my stupid horn anyhow. I can yell louder than it beeps.

Re: Sebring electrical

i think it goes in line to the external ignition coil.

Re: Sebring electrical

So, I'd split the red wire before it attaches to the coil and splice in the condenser there? Kinda like a Y-connection?

Re: Sebring electrical

or get a post style and two loop style wire ends

Re: Sebring electrical

Christopher Wells /

Cut off the heat shrink, go to the hardware store and get new heat shrink, redo the whole thing. It will look better, seal better and you won't have to guess about anything.

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