possible bogus coil holding up tomos build

anyone else used this coil???


didn't work on my 77 E50 or the 92 A35 i'm building for a friend. the latter of which is much more frustrating. i've never had a coil for this tomos i'm building. what's a decent replacement coil for it? treats has that red one that got good reviews, but i dunno if any of those guys had tomos bikes. i'm hoping one of the spare puch bosch coils i have will work for now.

Re: possible bogus coil holding up tomos build

Christopher Wells /

The coil might just be bad. There should be more coils bouncing around in my parts bin. If you find on that works it's yours.

Re: possible bogus coil holding up tomos build

i checked it with the test light last night, and it was getting a signal off the hot wire going to the coil, and i got spark out of an old bosch coil off of a puch, but it doesn't look like it's getting a strong enough spark, since it was from a 6V system and this is a 12V, honestly i'm not sure if that would even matter. it shocked the crap out of me, though. my only worry with running the puch coil on it is frying the condenser running the wrong voltage coil on it.

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