e50 rebuild problems

in the middle of rebuilding an e50, got the bottom end assembled and the cylinder/head back on there, but I'm having a problem with the flywheel

I put the flywheel on and spun it with my hand to make sure everything was working correctly. The inside of the flywheel seems to be scraping against the edge of the stator plate (more specifically, one of the coils) in one spot. I tried moving the stator plate but it doesn't seem to help, it still scrapes (just in a different spot)

Here are my thoughts on the issue:

-all the e50's Ive worked on had three mounting holes for the stator, this one only seems to have two... what's up with this?

-stator/coil could be bent/fucked up? (it looks fine) trying tonight with a different stator plate/coils

-flywheel is bent/fucked up? looks fine, will try with a different flywheel

It's gotta be something stupid that I missed, never had this problem with the last two e50's I built... ideas?

Re: e50 rebuild problems

you can also adjust the coil gap with a feelagauge .loosen the screws then set gap then tighten

Re: e50 rebuild problems


Re: e50 rebuild problems

I have had the same prob before. Do what coco said and loosen the coil thats rubbing and the set gap. Real easy.

Re: e50 rebuild problems

thirds. the coils can be adjusted. takes a few minutes. :)

Re: e50 rebuild problems

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Are you sure the woodruff key is in the slot in the flywheel? It's easy to get it wrong.

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