garelli clutch bushings

I have a stupid question. I just took the clutch off of my Garelli and all of my rubber bushings are melted away. I got some fuel hose to use instead of the bushings but here's my stupid question: my clutch has 9 poles for the bushings. In the photo on the wiki, there are only 5 bushings. Since mine are melted, I have no way of knowing which poles had bushings on them.

The reason I'm asking is that some of them are different sizes. My assumption is that the bushings only go over the six that are the same and not over the three kinda stubby ones but I want to make sure that I'm not supposed to put line over all of them or only five of them or something

thank you all

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all the smaller poles

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yup, smaller poles. I'm not actually sure that 1/4" line will even fit over the larger poles? It definitely can't fit over it far enough to be sure that it won't like fly off or something, those nubs are teeny-tiny if I remember right!

should be 6 in total. let me know if you need more help!

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There are only five in the photo because the sixth one blew apart and pieces of it were everywhere.

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can I ask, jake or anyone, what happens when you don't have those bushings? I am not familiar enough with my clutch to be able to know what kind of symptoms a lack of the bushings would cause.

I have heard that when they swell, they can engage all the time and cause idling issues. This makes sense. But, I also though that I had read somewhere that just a LACK of bushings can also cause running and possibly idling issues... does anyone know what symptoms would cause one to believe that their bushings are melted or well on their way to being so? I am under the (possibly mistaken) impression that they are mostly there to help the clutch engage, is this accurate? sorry to hijack this thread, but it seems relevant...

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yup. helps the clutch engage. I just rebuilt my garelli clutch. My main issue was the nipple on the clutch plate was completely gone and it also didn't have the spring. Wasn't engaging at all. I ended up using the clear fuel line instead of the black. You need six cut to 7mm high. Works great. If you need clutch parts, I found the best and most complete selection at They also have a blow out schematic of the clutch. Get er RRUUNN Na Na Na en!

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I'm in the process of putting a new clutch on my Garelli ssxl. I have it basically done except I can't get that fucking clutch plate back on!! It's a TOTAL bitch! Any advice?

Also: I cut the new fuel bushings, but I didn't measure perfectly to 7mm. I just cut fresh bushings using an old one to measure with. They looked good and are the same height because I cut pretty carefully--they all stopped right at the groove where the circlip seats. I could tell that the clutch plate sits on them and that if there was a lot of space, it was probably a bad thing. Still, the fact that you threw out a formal measurement is making me nervous. Should I measure exactly and do it again?

Any advice related to either of these issues would be much appreciated!

Many thanks!

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that happened to me too when i redid my clutch. Did you use the black fuel line from kragen/oreilly's? that fuel line is just a hair too big and won't fit in the holes on the clutch plate.

Get some of the not black fuel line, it's not quite clear but it's like an opaque almost yellowish kind of clear. that stuff should fit in pretty good. The plate should just slip back on easily. I good test is to measure the OD of the line... the original bushings are 11mm. If you got the same fuel line I did, the OD was like 12mm

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Will is on point. Your tubing is to big if your clutch plate wont fit on.

I went to my local Ace Hardware and picked up "clear vinyl tubing 3/8" o.d. x 1/4" i.d." ... works great. Easy to cut and durable so far. Don't be scared about the 7mm, just a measurement for reference. I eye balled it as I held it up to one of the posts on the clutch hub that don't need the bushing.

Keep at it and let me know when you get it. Italian mopeds unite!

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Got that fucker on there. It was a two person job because of how hard it is to push the clutch plate under that lip. The new bushings I made look great--they are definitely the MAX size that could fit! I forget their size, but it's a weird car-only fuel line size; something like 5/16 i.d, 7/16 o/d. Whatever, I got that fucker done and now I'm going to blast peoples' faces off!


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backing up a little here...

So as you all can see by the pic I posted, I successfully got the new clutch in place but now it won't spin free from the clutch bell. Hmmm... did I over-tighten the nut on the clutch assembly?

I did not see any torque specs in the manual and just assumed that cranking that fucker down was the right thing to do (like all other clutches I've worked on!)

I have not filled it with transmission fluid yet, but I still feel like it should at least spin freely a little bit, no? What are peoples' experiences with this? I'm really worried I over-tightened that nut because that means I'd have to redo this whole damn job.

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It should spin freely. It probably expanded when you put the plate under the lip of the rubber clutch.

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Yeah, that's why I'm worried. Is it normal for a new clutch to be grabbing as hard as mine is? It feels REALLY stuck in there, almost like the clutch assembly nut is way too tight. Would that matter?

I have NOT, however, put oil in yet and let is sit. The new rubber is oiled, but I haven't filled the tranny yet. I'm hoping that will make a difference. Does anyone have experience with this?

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No, if the clutch grabs, it is not good. Behind the hub is a spline washer...the flat side of the washer must face the center of the engine.

The nut should be tightened to 23 ft lbs.

Without the rubber installed, the clutch housing must turn independantly of the clutch hub and crankshaft. If it grabs only after you install the rubber, then the rubber is to blame.

If the rubber grabs the housing, the engine will not idle.

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Thank you very much for confirming my thought. I'm now feeling much better about going in there and checking my work.


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Check pages 19 and 20 of this manual, and please keep us updated -

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Fixed. Clutch works fine.

Everyone who replaces a Garelli clutch: Follow the torque specs for the nut behind the clutch spring that holds the rubber inside the clutch bell.

If you over tighten this nut, the clutch will essentially be fully engaged the whole time. I had to loosen mine after successfully installing new rubber. A major pain in the ass because pressing the clutch plate on is such a bitch.

Thanks to everyone who has added to this thread!

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I have an issue idling. Ive checked all the normal stuff. I replaced the clutch rubber . Splined washer is oriented correctly and nut tightened to proper ft lbs( i think?). It had bushings, they were clear and i didnt notice them. Replaced with thicker black ones . When the case is open and fluid isnt present, turning the magneto doesnt engage the wheel. With it closed up and fluid present it does. There is still a little muck in the fluid. Ive changed and flushed it 4 -5times . Its probably at 75% good. This MIGHT be an issue but i cant believe the motor is that sensitive

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Patrick Murphy /

Hi I'm just wondering if someone would be able to help me or possibly show me how to install a clutch spring on my gareli motorcycle please. just not

too sure or would possible explain as how to install it many thanks Patrick

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Hey pat, take a look for a clutch diagram in the wiki, or at mopedjunkyard. Post picts if your lost.

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