Hero Majestic belt size?

I need to know the belt size or what belts that will work. Thanks

Re: Hero Majestic belt size?

Weak- End Justus /

Wanted to update this for anyone who may be searching for a belt in the future for this moped.

Hero Majestic Ankur replacement belt that worked well for us - Found it at Bennett Auto Supply.

Goodyear Gatorback Belt

Part Number: 17305

Size: 13AV0775

Re: Hero Majestic belt size?


Wanted to update.. I have an Ankur, found belt at tractor supply that fit 1/2 by 31 (inches v belt) but don't know about stretch yet part number 3233199 price was $9 USD

Maybe should use slightly smaller length? 30? Will update. Hope this helps.

Re: Hero Majestic belt size?

Measure the outside of the pulley run where the belt fits and order a 4L-xx0 (xx is the outside in inches) if there is goodly tension on the belt stock subtract 1 inch from your measure because 4L are in whole inches only.

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