tomos cdi issue or something else?

i assume it is a problem with the cdi.

i have a a35 with airsal 70cc kit

stock carb and intake and proma gp pipe

this set up has been running flawless for 5-7 years(not consistantly i rode it 2 or 3 years let it sit for a year or two then rode it for a year)

everything has been fine. no problems at all. then recently i had this issue:

at low to mid rpm's i am fine,running good

when i open up the throttle it sputters a bit then dies to a complete stop. but when i kick it it will start back up.(and run low to mid throttle)

when the engine "dies" i try to give it a little or alot of throttle with no response(coasting to a stop).

i tried replacing the plug.

ive tried replacing the fuel.

it this my cdi going bad?

is this a sign of my compression going bad from riding this kit this long(and hard)?(rings going bad?)

actually....i think i checked the compression. i guess i'll double check.

if the cdi is going bad, you dont fix it,you replace it.....right?

it was a points setup then about 2 or 3 years into having the kit i upgraded to the cdi.

could it be just my cdi box going bad?

i dont want to buy all this stuff to do trial and error,if i dont need to.

i love these tomos bikes, and i can handle most complications...but this has got me stumped. i know little about cdi ignition systems so i am blaming it. help me. pahleese

Re: tomos cdi issue or something else?

check your reed valve ?

Re: tomos cdi issue or something else?

Test if the plug is still sparking as you rev up by using a inductive car timing light. If the CDI is dieing as the engine spools up then the light will flash intermittently.

Clean your carb and check float level, you could have not enough fuel to the carb or you are drinking fuel faster then it can fill.

Re: tomos cdi issue or something else?

another guy was experiencing a consistent problem like yours and after exhausting every other possibility he finally took his intake off and found that his reeds were stuck open, with debris or just bent, i don't remember.

Re: tomos cdi issue or something else?

#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

Rust in the fuel system / plugged filter jet etc.

Re: tomos cdi issue or something else?

Probably Fred /

Sounds like fuel problem. Blocked petcock what Wayne said

Re: tomos cdi issue or something else?

it def seemed electrical. but now that you mention it, reeds are a good place to look. that is a good sugestionn and i feel stupid for not thinking of that.

Re: tomos cdi issue or something else?

if it was a fuel delivery problem ,when i would be coasting to a stop i should be able to give it a kiss of throttle and start back up.

this make sense for the reeds too, thats why i think i loose spark,and dont regain it until it sits for a second.

Re: tomos cdi issue or something else?

i had a cdi go bad , just totaly crap out, being an electrial , i would think they work or dont

i had a reed valve go

was riding & lost power , bike died, but was able to start it , would idle , gave it more than 1/4 throttle it died , was able to ride it home at about 3mph

besides, a reed valve is cheaper & easier than a cdi ....

Re: tomos cdi issue or something else?

ok imma look into that thanks!

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