1977 Yamaha Champ 80cc


A neighbor just gave me a 1977 Yamaha Champ (80cc, two stroke, oil injected) and I'm really excited to start playing with it. The only issue is I have ever really worked on bikes and it hasn't run in over 10 years. It only has 1600 miles and my neighbor was the only owner.

Does anyone have any tips or things I need to watch out for while trying to get it running?

The battery is toast, but the spark plug looked remarkably clean. I was planning on doing the following:

1. Flush the gas tank.

2. Replace the oil in the reservoir.

3. Replace the sparkplug.

4. I was told to squirt some oil into the spark plug hold and roll it in gear to oil up the cylinder seal.

5. Spray some carb cleaner into the top of the carb to clean off some of the varnish.

Any other ideas? I'm excited as hell to see if I can get this thing rolling! Thanks in advance.

Re: 1977 Yamaha Champ 80cc

1) I wouldn't run it without a battery, spend the $20 and get a new battery! Better than $50 when you blow you headlight!!

2)I would remove the carb for a good cleaning!

3)replace the air filter, it was foam back in 77! now it is dust and oil!

4)I wouldn't blindly trust the oil injector! (it is probably fine but if nothing else make sure it smokes when you start it!!)

5)clean you fuel valve!!

6)check for spark: dress and set points!

7)www.bikebandit.com has parts for your bike!!

FYI: I usually do everything as much as I can before placing a parts order!(so I dont end up paying shipping twice)

Good luck!!

Re: 1977 Yamaha Champ 80cc

no such thing as an 80cc champ. I think you meant to say chappy.

Re: 1977 Yamaha Champ 80cc

How about some pics?

Re: 1977 Yamaha Champ 80cc

2S4Blood Hanson /

freds guide on wiki

Re: 1977 Yamaha Champ 80cc

Here is a pic of the bike before I've even done anything. And yes, it is indeed a 77 Champ 80cc - it was the only year it was made. My neighbor bought it brand new and owned it the whole time.


Re: 1977 Yamaha Champ 80cc

So far, I've only had time to get the gas tank out. Time to go to the parts store!


Re: 1977 Yamaha Champ 80cc

Nice!! confirmed its a lb80-3d ( looks like a keeper!!)

Re: 1977 Yamaha Champ 80cc

Yeah, it looks like a really fun bike. I'm hoping to use it for more of a light trail bike than anything. It should be perfect to throw in the truck and take camping!

Re: 1977 Yamaha Champ 80cc

i have the same bike, been trying to get it the way i want for about a yeart, really fun bike to ride. let me know if you need any help. Heres a pic of my bike.


Re: 1977 Yamaha Champ 80cc

Gruff "(OFMC)" - /

nice bike!!

) I wouldn

Re: 1977 Yamaha Champ 80cc

Hey guys I’ve recently purchased one of these bikes. I’m having a few issues with it. The number one problem I have is the petcock. There is a little hole on the side of the frame for it to stick out when connected to the gas tank. The brand new petcock I have won’t fit through the hole because the selector switch is to long. Any help would go a long way.

Re: 1977 Yamaha Champ 80cc


I just recently got this frame. Anyone know if a ct70 engine or a Lifan engine will fit it?

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