77 ciao still no spark

i just replaced the ignition coil condenser and the points.

i got a wiring diagram and rewired it.

i put the old taillight on for security.

i dont know what else it could be.

maybe my points isnt adjusted right.


is the ignition coil suppose to be grounded out???

because all the lights work

just no spark.

so i got to be messing up something

can someone send me some pictures on everything so i can see what it looks like

Re: 77 ciao still no spark

it's dead simple, just the gray wire from the engine to the HT coil, and then the coil to the spark plug. check the plug, check the continuity from coil to plug and engine to coil maybe, it'll read ground when the points are closed

anyway they didnt even put a kill switch in cuz you kill it with the decomp

Re: 77 ciao still no spark

ive had all the hooked up before and its still a no go.

my ciao has the kill switch and the decomp valve

but i disabled the decomp valve and just use the swich(currently open so it wont ground out the coil)

but earlier today the coil made a nasty spark off the case like it grounded out or something.

but ill check out what you said

i could be wrong.

Re: 77 ciao still no spark

hook your kill switch back up.

if you got spark off the coil body you*re almost there.

maybe a bad spark plug wire or plug cap.

pull the cap off and see if you get spark off the wire....

Re: 77 ciao still no spark

well the kill switch was just a purple wire and as long as its not grounding out it should be fine.

umm i did the points thing the guy mentioned and it seemed to all be grounding out even when the points were open well i fixed that with a little piece of gasket but it is still a no go.

should i do the gasket thing to the little coils in the magneto??

or should i take it out?

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