Dellorto carb bogging

I have a '78 Baretta 35 moped and the carb says Dellorto 1417...but it's bogging pretty bad right now. I'm curious if there are rebuild kits available?

Also, is there anything I can do to this carb to get better performance? Or what is a better replacement?

Re: Dellorto carb bogging

clean the jet and the otherholes with compressed air and like paint thinner

it works real well

Re: Dellorto carb bogging

if it's stock make sure it has the proper airbox and/or filter installed.

If it doesn't have the original filter etc, it will need to be re-jetted.

You might have air leaks too.

You can also try to put your hand over the carb intake while it's running. Don't cover it completely, and see if it improves. If it does improve either upjet or restrict the air more taken into the carb.

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