Solex Gas Cap - Won't Budge

So the gas cap on my Solex on occasion becomes impossible to remove.

I have to grab the tabs on the cap with two pairs of pliers to get the cap off sometimes.

Other times is screws off relatively easily.

Is this a common problem? WHY is it happening?

Re: Solex Gas Cap - Won't Budge

I have the same problem and as far as I know there really isn't anything you can do about it except make sure you don't put it on any tighter than needed.

Re: Solex Gas Cap - Won't Budge

Yeah, mine is the same way.

Re: Solex Gas Cap - Won't Budge

If it has a vent hole and it is plugged it may be vacumn sucking it on, or maybe just vibration causing it to seat really tight. Thats all I can think of...

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