Puch loses power at full throttle

Eathan M. /

'77 Puch Maxi Sport

Okay, I've only had it 3 days, but I've put 50 miles on it so already and noticed an odd behavior. It tops out around 29 MPH at 3/4 throttle. If I increase the throttle from there though, even slowly, power and speed drop. I ease off a bit again and I can feel the surge.

My best guess is it's either getting too much fuel and flooding a bit, or not getting enough flow to meet the demand I'm putting on it with the throttle opened up. I know, completely opposite...

The previous owner replaced the fuel switch thing with a valve that screws open and shut. I have no idea if I'm opening it too far or too little, but it seems well enough behaved up to 3/4 throttle and it no longer drips quite so much, so I think I've more or less dialed that in.

Any ideas?

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