Tomos a35 shims

i have my engine almost put together, i just lost track of where one of the very thin shims goes. i have two very thin and 1 thicker one. I put the thick shim and one of the thin ones on the pedal shaft facing towards the transmission cover, where does the last very thin shim go?

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carb? wierd Q...

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the picture is of the shim that i can't place back in


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this is where i put the other two


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Wrong duder..

One shim goes on the pedal shaft..the one in the first goes on the counter gear shaft..the thicker one..the last shim goes behind the clutches on the crank shaft..

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Is this true? I'm having the same problem right now. 3 thin shims, only 1 shaft they seem to fit. i don't remember one being behind the clutch.

wondering how many 'big washers' is meant in this image. Three? (edited)

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1 behind the clutches, 1 on the counter, 1 on the pedals. right?

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the 2 extra i have are sized to fit on the pedal shaft. if they're on the counter or clutch, they sit on it with a lot of extra room. they're a little bit bigger than a quarter (coin). 1 is a bit thinner than the other two. if has anyone can point me to a diagram it'd be great! it seems odd to have 3 shims next to each other on shaft.

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I just reshimmed my a35.

I have 4 shims on my pedal shaft and there is still a little play.

I have one thrust washer shim and a smaller .07 shim on the end of the gears, and I still think its not enough.

There's a clutch shim that goes inside the clutch drum on the first gear clutch.

There should also be a thick thrust washer shim between the crank seal and the clutch.

I hope this list helps, I've found that every tomos is different and you have to feel it out. If you need more on the pedal shaft then go for it. They come in different sizes though.

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