spark gap on a kited puch

hey i looked in a online manual for spark gap and it says .016- ,02 and i have seen on other blogs were poeple have seen where poeple have gapped to .036 not really sure where i should be

Should it be more if my moped is kited? I have a k-star on my puch maxi, dellordo carb.

Let more know if you need more info

Thank you!

Re: spark gap on a kited puch

Small - city.

Large- long country roads

Re: spark gap on a kited puch

higher compression sometimes needs shorter gaps

i've messed around with it though and noticed little to no difference between about .015 and .03. I usually go 02 on whatevsies

Re: spark gap on a kited puch

ok cool thanx, i know on my hobit it does want to turn over if its over .025

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