Puch Leleu Brake Plate Issues

I'm having issues with the brake plate on my front wheel. after using the front brake The brakes start to drag badly. I put a brand new plate on expecting to fix the problem but same thing. I attached an image of the piece that is moving making it hard for the front wheel to spin. any ideas on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Puch Leleu Brake Plate Issues

Can you be more specific about that piece? Hitting on the inside? Outside? Usually, if there is a problem (in my experience) with dragging, it is either something wrong (out of round and rough) with the outer plate OR the arm that moves the brake needs cleaning/lubrication.

Check around the top edge of the rim itself where the brake plate sits, make sure it's smooth. Disconnect the cable and try moving the armature by hand. Does it stick anywhere in the arc? Also, is your cable lubed? I am inclined to think that if two plates out of two have the same result, maybe it's not the plate but the hub?

(I was just fooling with this same plate last night, making sure it was clean, round and the armature lubed.)

Re: Puch Leleu Brake Plate Issues

Make sure the brake shoes/brake plate are centered up inside the hub by pulling the brake arm all the way up, and then tightening down the axle hut holding the brake plate to the wheel.

Re: Puch Leleu Brake Plate Issues

Hey all, I have the same plate on my pinto and the brakes seem to be dragging. The top pin doesnt seem to sit flush and tapping it doesnt move it. Should there be any up and down play with the piece in the rectangle? Theres a couple cm of play and the brakes seems to drag when this piece is at the lowest position. Any help would be appreciated. I tired tightening the axle nut like the previous poster said tp no avail.


Re: Puch Leleu Brake Plate Issues

The plate that to which the arm (that cable hooks into) is connected, should slide up/down on the top rivet (the one in the red box top pic) (the one arrowed in last pic)

The red paint is probably not helping.

If it fails to move, the cam inside the hub will only push one shoe against the drum.

With it moving correctly, as soon as one shoe touches, the cam moves laterally until both shoes are in contact.

They often get stuck leaving one shoe to do all the work and resulting in poor braking. Over tightening the cable to overcome this means one shoe starts to drag.

hope this helps.


Re: Puch Leleu Brake Plate Issues

Be sure the plate is on the left side...

Re: Puch Leleu Brake Plate Issues

Add a return spring to the hub/lever, or one compression spring around cable... between the lever and cable hold on the brake plate. It will help push back the brake plate lever to a resting (no brake drag) position.

Search " return spring " on treats for options.

Re: Puch Leleu Brake Plate Issues

Thanks guys will take the brakes apart tonight and see whats up. And of course its on the left side haha

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