Will JB Weld fix my head stud?

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Head stud is anchored in engine block. Goes through cylinder housing and finally the head where a nut is used to tighten down the head.

Previous owner stripped out the stud hole (apparently) and then tried to fix it by drilling the hole out to retap it. Then they drilled it out bigger, but they only drilled half way down, then retapped it. Then they put a heli-coil in the larger part which was really messed up bad. The larger part if the hole is really close to the opening where the piston comes out to enter the cylinder. I wouldn't want to drill it any more or even retap it if I can help it.

Is this a job for JB Weld? If so, I guess I would coat the stud with JB Weld and then fill the hole with JB Weld and then shove the stud into the hole and then put the cylinder and the head in place to make sure the stud is positioned properly.

Is this a good proceedure? Will JB Weld handle this? Any other stuff I need to know?

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