Why does front tire bounce

Everything is fine.

Once I'm around 50 the front tire starts to bounce?


-going to hills makes it do it less.

-If I ease into the throttle it does it less but still does it.

is it a fork thing? this is peculiar to me

Re: Why does front tire bounce

it's because you're doing 50 on a moped

is the wheel straight, i.e. dented rim or just bolted on a little lopsided?

Re: Why does front tire bounce

Sounds like an out of balance condition, although most bike don't really have balance problems like a car tire. Could be a bent/dented wheel like Corp Trash said too.

Are you sure that the forks aren't oscillating at speed? (called a high-speed wobble). This can happen if the steering head adjustment is too loose or too tight. To check the adjustment, prop the bike frame up so the forks are free to move. Then place the wheel in the central or neutral position. You should be able to just tap it and it falls lightly (not loose or tight) to one side and then test it to the otherside. If it's not, adjust the steering head adjuster nut to the point where there is the slightest bit of drag. This adjustment is usually under the triple tree.

Re: Why does front tire bounce

It just means yer a playa'.

Re: Why does front tire bounce

Other than out of balance, it could be that your tire is not seated properly on the rim. Take a close look at the tire. It should be tha same distance from the rim all the way around.

If it is off you will probably have to de-mount the tire and clean the rim in order for it to re-seat when you re-mount it.

Re: Why does front tire bounce

Ha... nice video.

I wouldn't mess with that for a second. That is a death wish. Take it somewhere and have it done properly. If there is one part I wouldn't scrimp on, it would be the front tire... especially doing 50.

Re: Why does front tire bounce

how new is the front tire/tube? if its old and worn out, you might be on the verge of some real trouble.

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