minarelli V1 piston

I am replaceing the piston in my minarelli V1. can anyone tell me if the arrow on the piston goes to the exhaust port or the intake port. I cleaned the carbon from the old piston but cant see an arrow.also my manual says i can compress the new rings by hand to get them in the cyclinder. is this true? i dont want to break them. thanks for any info or tips you might have on this.

Re: minarelli V1 piston

arrow usually points to forward or exhaust.

Re: minarelli V1 piston

Larry Cruse /

thanks Gabby, I thought that was right but was not sure. I have had a time with this determining what size my oiston was. I dont understand why minarelli would make a 38.7mm along with a 38.8 mmhe same engine. when you convert that to inches you are talking about 0.002 in difference between the two. Crazzzzy. Thanks again for your help.

Re: minarelli V1 piston


How did you work out what was needed? I have the manual and can see almost a dozen standard and oversize rings available and I have no idea which I need?

Re: minarelli V1 piston

I'm might be doing this soon as well, how did you figure your piston size?

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