Last try! E50 cluctch Grab w/ pics!

ok, so I've posted a few times with kind of dead threads.

After reading a shit ton and opening my case about a million times, I am convinced that my clutch is not grabbing here is why. . .

The cable is fine, and the engagement arm is at 90 degrees. I can pull it tight as shit, and too tight it seems.

If I take the spark plug out, and then pull the clutch and push the maxi then I can watch the flywheel spin 100 percent of the time.

As soon as I add the plug back (giving compression), I can't get the clutch to grab to save my life. At best it spins intermittently.

The only time I can get it to spin is if I push the moped real slow, if I try to run fast, hop on, and pull the clutch it won't grab and I'll just slow to a stop.

top racing crank.

3 shoe.

lightened bell and plate from treats

here are some pics (sorry for camera phone quality):

90 degree arm (pre engage)



the kit is polini, little bit of port work, polini 4p dual layer reeds with 19mm phbg.

I should have good compression, but not so insane that the clutch won't grab right?

Is an angle off somewhere?

I'm convinced it is something small or dumb...

Re: Last try! E50 cluctch Grab w/ pics!

Did you adjust the screws on the clutch to adjust them to open/close??? My two shoe has two screws, one for each. The three shoe may have 3, I don't know for sure, but I'm thinking the shoes aren't far enough "out" and thus cannot grab the clutch bell.

Re: Last try! E50 cluctch Grab w/ pics!

he's talking about the starter clutch

Re: Last try! E50 cluctch Grab w/ pics!

Re: Last try! E50 cluctch Grab w/ pics!

what is that silver thing in the threaded hole near the shaft?

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