help me with headlight cable

apoca lypsis /

hello army

please first look this picture

I bought headlight for my tomo2003

the cable comes from the moped is white brown and blue

but the cable that comes from headlight is green, white, blue..

is it white to white and blue to blue and green to brown?

I don't know they are diffent color...

help me please


Re: help me with headlight cable

I don't know, but I'm thinking you just try different combinations until you figure it out. It won't hurt anything.

Re: help me with headlight cable

3cables coming from headlight?

hmm without seeing that makes it sound like the bucket has an 1157 bulb( 2 "dots" on the bottom of the bulb).

that means 2 are pretty much so power, and one ground.

you can look inside the bucket and see which two cables ultimately go to where the two prongs are that will touch the bulb, those need power. the other one should be grounded.

if that makes sense


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