"Hi compression head?" (let jokes ensue)

Somewhat ironically I stopped in at Autozone to get bulbs for my car, only to discover two older gents on kitted out step thrus out for a cruise. Apparently, they have been working on peds since they were in highschool and took one look at mine and say "Oh... thats had work done! You have a hi compression head on that." I guess I'm curious about what exactly this means in terms of performance, and if this changes anything I should be doing in terms of fuel mix, jetting, etc. Seems to run really strong, I was getting a consistent 40+ most of yesterday, but just want to be sure I'm not burning a hole in the piston or anything. Rest of the bike appears stock (incl. carb & exhaust).


Re: "Hi compression head?" (let jokes en

doesnt change any of that.

it just is a head that gives you high compression (imagine that :P)

kinda mad there was no joke potential in this, kinda disappointing

Re: "Hi compression head?" (let jokes en

Jonathan S /

I feel like if you tried harder, there would be some sophomoric jokes in there.

Glad that it doesn't really change anything... I was afraid I'd been running to lean or something.

Re: "Hi compression head?" (let jokes en

I agree..there is no joke potential..

Re: "Hi compression head?" (let jokes en

i went out to a club last night and met a girl.

back at her pad, she went down on me and gave me hi compression head.

yeah, i wish.

Re: "Hi compression head?" (let jokes en

lolz@kev. i laughed

Re: "Hi compression head?" (let jokes en

Andrew Squiggman /

she was wearing her pad? gross

Re: "Hi compression head?" (let jokes en

pad isn't applicable when receiving high compression head.

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