Making Gaskets

If you don't have the stock or want to buy aftermarket base gaskets what do you do?

I've heard of people using a few different types of papers (like paper bag, cardboard front from a notebook) and something like aviation form-a gasket.

Do you think with the form-a gasket sealer, oils/gas would still break down the paper? For example most cardboard type materials are held together with corn starch, that's why liquids wreck them.

I'm interested to know what everyone else does thanks!

Re: Making Gaskets

you should either use a gasket sealer that remains flexible like hondabond,not rtv, orrrr get some gasket material from the auto parts store and make your own gasket. i usually make my own gaskets,and have a stockpile of various gasket material.

Re: Making Gaskets

i make all kinds of gaskets. aluminum foil and beer can make good head gaskets, notebook paper and shit make good base gaskets. any oil bearing gaskets should be made of gasket paper, cheap stuff at auto parts store. somee clutch covers, like za 50's and tomos ones that have bearings in them should not be made. you should get the real ones there cuz the bearings are shimmed to a certain distance and having a thicker/thinner gasket there would fuck it up.

i cut small gaskets for carbs out of various cardboards and such. intake and exhaust gaskets can be made from damn near anything.

homemade gaskets work great, but they usually don't last long, they burn up or get dissolved by oil. but they rule for 7 to 10 business days, while your waiting on your treats to ship.

Re: Making Gaskets

I had a guy at a Vespa shop tell me that he uses photo printer paper and it works great. He says all the stuff injected into the paper makes it last.

Re: Making Gaskets

I bought a roll of gasket paper and an Xacto center gasket is currently one I cut myself.

Re: Making Gaskets

small hammer.. its called peening.. Old skool..

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