Hard restart after a longer ride?

I got my Motomarina running really well today, new fuel line, rebuilt/cleaned the petcock, cleaned the carb, new NGK plug (w/ a resistor) & wire. Runs REALLY strong. However, it takes 5-8 tries to get it to start after shutting it down and turning the petcock off, after a 5-10mi ride. It kind of slowly sputters to life with a weak idle when it does finally start... any ideas? Its a Garelli V1 motor, pretty stock as far as I know.

Re: Hard restart after a longer ride?

Try flippin on the choke n kickin it and see how it reacts.

Re: Hard restart after a longer ride?

I had a QT50 that copped an attitude after it warmed up all the way. It didn't like to start after a long ride, and the coil was bad.

Maybe to check and see if it is electrical you could check your spark color in dark garage, ride out, let it warm up on a long ride, come back to your dark garage and check the spark again. If its become a lot more pale or less constant, thats probably your problem.

Re: Hard restart after a longer ride?

yeah coil could be.

another idea is jetting. you sure your jetted perfect?

if you are any bit more rich than your bike likes, it could darken your plug enough to where restarting could be a pain in the butt

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