Squeaky disk brake fix?

Anybody have any ideas about how to stop the front disk brake on my 2008 Streetmate from squealing?

It began squeaking shortly after I bought it (about 30 miles on the odometer.) At first not too bad, but now, unless I really jam it on. it shrieks loud enough to make passersby turn and look every time I use it.

Jamming it is one remedy, but it's likely to send me flying over the handle bars, or send the bike into an uncontrollable skid.

I have tried wiping down the disk with a clean, dry cloth, but that doesn't seem to help much.

Anything else I can do that might help to quiet things down?

Re: Squeaky disk brake fix?

Since it is new, the pad isn't worn down. there is brake cleaner you can buy from the auto store that cost a buck or two, spray it in and ride around braking alot. should get the dirt out and stuff that's causing those squeeks.

Re: Squeaky disk brake fix?

If the pads are solid then cut a groove in them and if the disc is shiney then sand it till it shines no more.

Re: Squeaky disk brake fix?

Its how you create a dust grove and break the glaze

Re: Squeaky disk brake fix?

Buy disc brake quiet, it is like blue RTV and put it on the back of the pads.

Like pad glue.

The squealing is a very high pitch vibration you are hearing, I f you ever did disc brakes on a car , you'll understand.

The pads are vibrating, they have to stop.

Put the blue stuff on the back of the pads where they meet the piston and caliper and it stops.

Google it, and how it functions, same as cars.

Re: Squeaky disk brake fix?

Thanks guys.

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